Uladzimir Bahatyrevich, also known as Vlad, is a multidisciplinary European-American artist, designer, and art director specializing in motion graphics and CGI animation.
Vlad is a Boston University Graduate with Bachelors in Fine Arts program focused on graphic design and is currently enrolled in MFA Motion Media Design program at Savanna College of Art and Design.
The biggest drive and motivation for Vlad has always been to inspire people. In fact, he started his way from the youngest generation and has been highly involved in a Harvard College Stories for Orphans and Jefferson Story Initiative society with ambitions to inspire children from around the world to promote a common love for reading and interests in drawing, painting and creative writing in foreign languages.

Vlad always enjoyed using art as a form of communication and finds a motion design medium as one of the most effective and appealing communication methods in our society today. Cohesive treatment of typography, imagery and motion supported by a visual aesthetic have always been involved in his storytelling process. And finally, the last but not the least is sound. Vlad's five years at the School of Music in Belarus during his younger ages tremendously helped him gain a strong understanding in the use of sound effects, music choices and a sense of pace, which always play a crucial role in any type of production.
Such a broad range of expertise and multidisciplinary flow of conceptual work empowers Vlad and brings passion to his work every single day. Constant exploration of different media and medium inspires Vlad to broaden his possibilities and help himself develop as an artist and an individual. 

3D Animation  /  2D Animation  /  Motion design  /  Product Rendering  /  Visual Effects & Compositing  /  Color Correction & Grading  /  Video Editing  /  Virtual Reality  /  Concept Art

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